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tv   Politicking  RT  August 3, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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pivot basically he should be starting to impose costs and not just on the north koreans but also the chinese and the russians who have been blatantly violating u.n. sanctions over the last several months president trump has referred to this a couple days ago when he was speaking about the chinese getting in the way they certainly have and they will continue to get in the way until he imposes those costs so for instance he can go after the chinese banks that have been money laundering that would be a direct statement that would tell sea jinping the chinese roller that he's got to cut it out but until president trump does those things the chinese are going to continue to violate sanctions and the north koreans are going to continue along this very dangerous path why does mike pump pale continue doing main about all this is going to turn out fine. but he's just implementing trumpet ministration policy and you know pompei as testimony last week at the senate foreign relations committee is a case in point of what's going on here he dodged questions about north korea's
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production of missiles so that's why we had on monday morning this washington post story where intelligence community officials were leaking all of these developments about the production of these intercontinental ballistic missiles basically saying look if you aren't going to tell the truth to the american public we in the intelligence community will. you couldn't head trump statement that quote there was no longer a nuclear threat from north korea to george bush saying mission accomplished on that aircraft carrier after the invasion into iraq. president trump's tweet on june thirteenth the day after the summit where he said that north korea no longer pose a nuclear threat to the united states was clearly wrong and that's why it's taken so many people aback and it was after that tweet that you had a number of leaks about north korea's production of fissile material and all the
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rest of this word showed that that north korea was just continuing along its path of building up its arsenal so clearly the president was wrong in that and i think that's almost a universal assessment from people not only in the intelligence community but analysts everywhere because north korea still is a threat how does the intelligence community stay balanced through all of this where one government we two governments. well larry you know you have to look over the last six or seven weeks and you've got to say they have there's there's the president and his secretary of state and on the other hand you have people leaking like crazy and the other interesting thing larry is that you have john bolton the national security advisor who is very quiet he is known to have a very skeptical attitude about the north koreans i'm sure he doesn't like the president's positions and so clearly you might even have three governments at this
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particular time knowing john bolton do you think he might quit. i know john but i don't know him well enough to really answer that question i think bolton believes that in the long term he will be able to influence policy in a good direction so i suspect that he is going to stay there he's a very tough bureaucratic infighter and if i were secretary of state pompei oh i'd be very concerned if i had to say all these optimistic things in public because i'm sure that somebody in the west wing there is actually writing all this stuff down and memorizing it said bring it out at a later date gone we always love talking with you thank you so much for your time today thank you larry a large part of the tub ridge of donald trump's tuesday rally in temple beyond with the president said about his plans and policies was the hostile reaction to members
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of the press by mr trump's supporters for his part the president doesn't seem to be tempering his and the media rhetoric is this part of the trunk show or is this something much darker happening here this talk was so manu's covered d.c. for several decades and over friend bill press for aggressive commentator author host of the bill pretty show on the young turks network his latest book is from the left of life in the crossfire he's in washington bill i want to see and then for twelve months twenty six years you go there for a lot of those years. i've had donald trump on or way over ten fifteen times he always liked c.n.n. we always had good times together. i never heard of anything what's going on and that at that rally in temple those people with courage signs in what the hell is
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going on. you know it's very troubling larry and you know we've got to be careful it's not that we take this personally or we can't take any criticism we in the media i mean but i think this goes as you say this goes beyond just not liking what a particular anchor reporter might have might have to say. but let me just say also getting into this i have to just it may be an aside but what's most ironic about this is that of all people out there today donald trump is a creation of the media or his entire business career he made a point of being out in the tabloids talking to the people being on your show being you know on how he stern show every morning or not every morning as often as he could his it's a television show he would be president today without the media that television show and then during the campaign he got ten twenty times more coverage than any other republican candidate did c.n.n.
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all the cables would carry his networks live so really he owes his job to the media today but he started this in the campaign it is grown it is not given up and now i mean i'm really worried that this is going to turn into some physical violence at these rallies and what the president i believe ought to do look he saw again his presence been president for eighteen months he just sort of say hey folks come on you know we got the first amendment they've got their job i'm doing my job we're doing our job and we respect the members of the media he'll never do that because he throws that red meat to the base but it is getting to the point where it's dangerous what's changed i've been in the media sixty one years trowed of it and i have never in radio on television network radio on c.n.n. i've never had anyone in the media say before going on the air boy am i going to get this guy today or we're going to show this in this way we're going to fake this and never seen that sixty one years. what changed has c.n.n.
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jane what's changed i think what's changed is you've got a president of the united states today who is making that his rallying call who is making that his signature message at every rally and you know let's say his followers are loyal to him they support him they love him and they'll basically do whatever he says again if he would only give the notion that we have to respect any different just respect the job of the media and the freedom of the press all the way back to george washington thomas jefferson dealing with that it could make a difference but he whips it up he purposely with set up because he knows his base loves it and they love him and he's not going to change he says he's going to do a lot more rallies like the one in tampa leading up to the midterms that going to help or hurt republicans. i think that's yet to be seen luck his
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record hasn't been so good so far we remember alabama famously where he intervened in a primary there with luke for in behalf of luther strange he lost that then he supported roy moore so he wants to turn that around that's why he's involved in a primary in for in florida on behalf of ron the centers for governor against another republican down there adam putman he is involved in the governor's race in the primary in georgia and he's putting it all on the line i think in some cases he will help he certainly help run the census already and others i think some republicans will say please mr president stay home. if you miss. your staff he'll stay three twenty twenty. you know that saddens me i got a lot of respect for john kelly but i think he made a mistake in taking that job the word in washington and around the white house you
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talk to i'm not talking about the reporters you talk to senior staff at the white house they'll tell us as they told me that john kelly basically is chief of staff in name only nobody takes him seriously the president doesn't consult them the president doesn't include him in a lot of meetings i think of john kelly again whom i admire had any of self-respect he would step down he's been there a year now instead he accepted this step reportedly and he told the staff that the president asked him to stay through two thousand and twenty and he said he would do it i don't know why because he is impotent right now in the job of chief of staff donald trump is his own chief of staff and he's his own communications director what bill is the democratic party's message going into the meds midterms i think is twofold message one is you can't help but the message be if you're not don't like what donald trump is doing put us in charge of
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the house or put us in charge of the senate but the other thing i think the democratic party is saying we'll deliver on some of the things that donald trump promised but didn't will deliver on a on an infrastructure bill to create a lot of new jobs in this country will deliver on higher wages which have not come yet after the tax cuts will deliver on some security at the border been doing so in a humane and humane way. and so across the board you know will deliver where he has it for the for the middle class americans never seen anything like it still stay right there we'll continue politicking with our political panel right after the break.
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lisa. i think you see a good. mood and it is in food is a. church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing
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children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the i know. this is out and. welcome back to politicking bill press is still with us from washington d.c.
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progressive commentator and author host of the build pressure on the young turks network and we. turn g.o.p. strategist former spokesperson for the california republican party jen joins us from new york all right general what do you make of what's going on at these rallies to see people cursing and screaming and giving the finger to the media jen what's going on. well i hate to say it larry because i love you and i like bill press an awful lot but the democrats started this let's remember it was rahm emanuel top adviser to barack obama who talked about bringing a gun to a knife fight and that's how he wins political battles all of this lip service that michelle obama gave us about we go high they go low it's actually the opposite because democrats are the chieftains of deflecting and they always want to make it
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look like republicans are the agitators here look no further larry than the twitter feed this morning of the politico reporter for this state of florida he was the one who who commented on trump's supporters he said yeah in the whole entire room last night at the rally you might have one entire mouth full of teeth suggesting that trump supporters have no teeth they're a bunch of hicks from the sticks i'm thankful for twitter here's the thing a lot of conservatives say gosh we don't like twitter we don't like some of the social media platforms i for one larry i'm very thankful for it because in those twitter feeds we can actually see how these liberal reporters think they're exposing themselves on a daily basis on the social media platforms and look i think every news editor and every news room across america needs to be combing through the twitter feeds of their non opinion reporters to see the opinionated filth that's coming out of the mouth of you say holy john have you seen a c.n.n.
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journalist. laurie. well i have not but look we do know according to media surveys that have been done in these are self disclose media surveys where reporters have answers these questions we know that some eighty five percent of reporters voted for bill burton i have nice. i have not and i don't i don't know but i do know that there is an extreme bias that exists in the press coverage you look at the reporters ninety five percent every porters self admitted that they voted for barack obama in both elections i think there is a very clear bias in the media and that's what people are frustrated about now look we in los angeles and new york might not be that frustrated by it but you look in some of these states like oklahoma some of the heartland states they see the bias very clearly and that's why you see this angsty when they get out in public and
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they get to co-mingle with a person like jim acosta and by the way i've been around the white house and have seen jim acosta he loves this attention don't let him fool you he loves being center stage he was actually quite disappointed last year larry when they they took those press briefings off camera for a while because he wasn't going to be on camera as the chief ad over there c.n.n. well larry. may i call me as i can number one jim acosta is a god good reporter he does his job he was not frustrated be personally because the briefings were not on camera he was frustrated because the american people have a right to see our government in action they've got a right to see the briefings and in the beginning understand spicer and i have publicly credited sarah huckabee sanders for bring in the back on camera shawn's face or shut them down that that was not jim acosta personally that was the entire white house press corps which i.


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